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I love you.

But I do not deserve to be treated this way. To be thrown to the side and not trusted. I have done so much for you because I love you. Maybe it’s even a little of bit of being infatuated. I can’t say I’m in love, that’s not it. But it’s more than a friendship love. 

I left my house in sweatpants to drive you to work. I stayed up until 12:45 on a school night to help you complete that assignment. I wrote a letter to your ex-girlfriend telling her how much you still cared about her. I listened and gave you advice when most others wouldn’t. I believed your side of the story when most wouldn’t. I counseled you at 3 in the morning even though I wanted to fall asleep from being so exhausted. 

I did all of this for you, sacrificing time and sanity and a lot of love most of all. I gave and gave, and you took and took. 

You can’t believe me, which hurts the most. You won’t even reply to the 20+ text messages I’ve sent you, the 3 voicemails I’ve left. 

Fuck you for being a part of my heart when you’ve never given me a reason to really put you in such a big part. You wormed yourself in and I can’t get you out. 

I just want to stop thinking about this, and you. 

Maybe I am in love a little bit. 

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Zayn Malik Appreciation Week - Day 5: Favorite Zayn Solo(s)

  1. You & I (Acapella)
  2. Last First Kiss - San Diego
  3. Rock Me (High Note)
  4. Right Now (Main Vocal Stem)
  5. More Than This (Acoustic)
  6. Gotta Be You (Acoustic)
  7. One Thing (Acoustic)
  8. Shot For me (Cover)


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default album art
Song: favorite solos
Artist: zayn malik
Played: 6,342 times.

ZAYN MALIK APPRECIATION WEEK: favorite zayn’s solos

image - “Zayn’s voice has emerged as the smoothest and strongest of the bunch.”

in order: what makes you beautiful; one thing; more than this; i wish; tell me a lie; everything about you; same mistakes; moments; live while we’re young; little things; last first kiss; change my mind; over again; they don’t know about us; summer love; she’s not afraid; loved you first; irresistible; truly, madly, deeply; story of my life; you & i (+ high note); strong; right now; through the dark; little white lies; half a heart

image - “Zayn’s part is amazing and he is definitely one of the strongest singers in the group (maybe tied with Liam). GIVE HIM ALL THE SOLOS.”

bonus: what makes you beautiful (vevo go); teenage dirtbag (cover); just can’t let her go; shot for me (cover)

image - “Zayn Malik is easily the strongest singer in the group. He gives each song (particularly ballads) a wistful, emotive bit of soul.”

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girl nobody is going to steal the name you chose for your kid. Kass Maddex? sounds like Cash Magic, that icky casino in Vinton.

Did she say that she was worried about it? Remember she blocked me so I can’t see anything xD

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HELLO, arm around Louis' waist? what am I missing? MY LIFE FEELS EMPY WITHOUT THIS INFORMATION OMFG.



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28.8.14 +

28.8.14 +

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